C&A Help Secure an Outline Application for Cheriton Parc

3rd April 2024
Cheriton Park

C&A Successfully Support Cheriton Parc Residential Development

C&A has played an important role in securing approval for an outline application for a residential development project in Cheriton Parc, Folkestone. The proposals encompassing up to 86 residential homes, were recently granted consent by the Folkestone & Hythe District Council, marking a significant milestone for the initiative.

The development which sought to address the growing demand for housing in the area required meticulous planning and assessment to ensure its compatibility with the existing infrastructure and transportation networks. The proposals comprise up to 86 dwellings, including 31 apartments within the former Cheriton Park office building, 36 houses to the rear, and a further affordable housing block containing 19 homes.

C & A’s involvement included the development of a Transport Statement, which evaluated the potential impact of the development on local traffic flow and road networks. Additionally, input was provided into site layouts to optimise transportation access and enhance connectivity within the development and its surrounding area.

Please let us know if you require similar support for any of your projects or development proposals. Contact: Stephen Whittaker

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