Outline Planning Permission Granted

10th April 2024
Kent Science Park

Swale Borough Council Grants Outline Planning Permission for Redevelopment at Kent Science Park

Swale Borough Council has approved the outline planning application for the demolition of an existing building and subsequent redevelopment at Kent Science Park. Kent Science Park (KSP) is an award-winning science park providing accommodation for research facilities and office space.

The approved plans include the creation of a new facility encompassing 1600m2 of floor space, featuring new laboratory facilities alongside ancillary office accommodation. Situated southwest of Sittingbourne, the site benefits from an existing access point to KSP from Broadoak Road.

Integral to the approval process was the comprehensive Transport Statement and SuDs Strategy Report submitted by C&A Consulting Engineers on behalf of Kent Holding BV, outlining key considerations for the proposed redevelopment.

The Transport Statement report was prepared in accordance with the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG). The report included numerous aspects including the current conditions of the local highway network, accessibility via sustainable transport modes, and proximity to local amenities. Moreover, it provided an overview of existing traffic patterns and highway safety conditions, incorporating collision data for thorough analysis. Waste management details were also included.

Of significant note is the incorporation of a site-wide Travel Plan geared towards fostering alternative modes of transportation, thus reducing reliance on cars. The strategy places emphasis on promoting cycling, enhancing bus travel options, and facilitating electric vehicle (EV) charging provision. The Travel Plan included enhanced footway/cycle provision and cycle parking with changing areas and showers. There were also preferential rates for new cycle purchases, servicing, and cycle spares at local cycle shops. Such initiatives align with broader sustainability goals and contribute to minimising the carbon footprint associated with the site’s operations.

Furthermore, The SuDs Strategy Report concluded that the redevelopment could incorporate a suitable SuDS Strategy, in compliance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and local planning guidelines. Site specific investigation will be required to confirm infiltration rates and to establish groundwater levels now that the application has secured outline approval.

This strategy, crucial for mitigating flood risks and managing stormwater runoff will involve implementing a below ground level storage structure to attenuate flows for the more severe storm events and allowing discharge to a deep bore soakaway.  Features such as green walls and on-site Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) will be explored further in subsequent planning stages, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

The decision by Swale Borough Council reflects a commitment to modernisation while prioritizing sustainable development practices.

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