Lidsing Garden Community Proposal Now Allocated in Maidstone Local Plan Review

8th April 2024
Lidsing Garden Community Proposal

Transport Assessment Provided by C&A

In a significant development for the Maidstone area, the long-debated Lidsing Garden Community proposal has now been allocated following a comprehensive Examination which C&A’s Director, John Wilde attended. The initiative, supported by Charles & Associates over the last five years, has been a focal point in the Maidstone Local Plan Review.

Situated on the border with Medway, the Lidsing Garden Community is poised to have a positive impact on both Kent and Medway’s transport networks. Spanning between Lordswood and Hempstead within the Borough of Maidstone, the project aims to introduce 2,000 dwellings alongside 14 hectares of employment space. Additionally, it promises to deliver vital community facilities and a three-form entry primary school, further enhancing the local infrastructure.

An extensive transport assessment was undertaken by C&A to analyse the potential impacts and provide solutions to the transport network. Medway’s Aimsun Transport model was used by C&A staff to develop the necessary scenarios in order to assess the development impact, while output results from the KCC Visum model were also interrogated.

The site is sustainably located and the project intends to introduce several key transport improvements.  This will benefit not only the immediate vicinity but also the surrounding areas. Among these enhancements are plans for a bus connection linking the site with neighbouring Lordswood and Hempstead, as well as the Medway Towns. Furthermore, a new connection from the M2 motorway is expected to streamline access to the site, promising positive effects across the region.

Following an exhaustive Examination where C&A’s director, John Wilde provided crucial evidence in support of the initiative, the plan was allocated by the Planning Inspectorate and adopted by Maidstone Borough Council.

For further details on the Maidstone Local Plan Review adoption, interested parties can refer to the official announcement on the Maidstone Borough Council website here.


Image supplied by Iceni Projects

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