C&A’s Expertise Helps Secure Planning Permission for Lessness Heath Primary School

2nd August 2023
Lessness Heath Primary School

Planning Permission Achieved for Lessness Heath Primary School

Charles & Associates Consulting Engineers have worked with Lessness Heath Primary School in the London Borough of Bexley to successfully secure planning permission.  The plans focus on the reconfiguration of the school site to accomplish two main goals:  expanding the pupil’s play area and widening and improving the existing vehicular access on Hoddesdon Road.

The proposal will create a new car park at the rear of the site which will also include two electric vehicle charging points, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.  As a result of this new car park, a portion of the land currently designated for parking can be repurposed to create an extended play area within the school grounds.

A crucial benefit of this proposal will ultimately lead to improved safety of the school premises. By relocating the car park to the rear of the site, the potential conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles will be significantly reduced, expected to result in a safer environment for both pupils and staff.

Bexley London Borough Council granted permission for the changes in 2023.

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