Urban Regeneration Scheme Receives Approval

21st November 2023
Urbn Regeneration

Urban Regeneration Scheme in Gravesend, Kent, Receives Approval with C&A’s Support

In a significant development for the Clifton Slipways regeneration scheme, Quinn Estates and Hollaway Studio have successfully secured approval for a variation to the project with the support of Charles & Associates. The project aims to rejuvenate the historic passenger pier on the River Thames introducing modern apartments to Gravesend town centre.

The Clifton Slipways regeneration scheme was originally proposed by Quinn Estates in 2019 to restore the historical landmark while contributing to the town’s urban development. C&A supported the original application by providing a Transport Assessment and Highways Design to align with the project’s vision.

More recently the developer has proposed amendments to the scheme including a reduction in the level of on-site car parking. Despite this adjustment, the development places a strong emphasis on sustainable transportation, featuring ample cycle parking and introducing Gravesend’s first car club vehicle.

C&A, leveraging its expertise, provided technical evidence to support the case for these modifications. This evidence included comprehensive transport data and the precedent set by other developments in North Kent. As a result, the variation has now been approved by Gravesend Borough Council.

The approval of this variation marks a significant step forward in the Clifton Slipways regeneration scheme.  With the approval secured, the project can now move forward contributing to the town’s ongoing regeneration.


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