Wises Lane Planning Inquiry Decision Success!

13th May 2021
2574 400d Masterplan

2574 400d MasterplanFollowing a lengthy planning inquiry and decision making process by Secretary of State Robert Jenrick, the planning application for development of 675 dwellings at Wises Lane has been given approval. C&A have been involved with the locally controversial project for many years and were tasked with providing highways and transport expert witness support to the Inquiry.

C&A’s Director John Wilde was on the stand in the Inquiry supporting the Quinn Estate and Mulberry Estates appeal against non-determination and latterly a refusal by Swale Borough Council. Transport was a key reason for refusal, with concerns over traffic conditions being a key pillar of the Council case during the inquiry. The Inspector appointed by SoS, Mr Baird, found in favour of appellant on all matters including a recommendation for a full award of costs, in part. Mr Jenrick agreed and approved the scheme.

The full decision notice by SoS and the Inspector’s report can be found at this link:

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